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Helping People in Maintaining a Healthy State of Mind and Body through Wellness Tourism. We help people to transform lives for the better by restoring equilibrium with tangible and sustainable wellness benefits.
We believe that Wellness is the optimum way of functioning in one’s own context. Wellness tourism is one of it’s major part that enables visitor to know themselves better by participating in rest of the therapies.

What we do

Here at 360˚ Wellness Solutions we have a dedicated team to guide people in to design and enjoy their vacation as per their requirement of wellness or adventure. Once potential wellness seekers approaches us with their requirements, our team comprising of doctors from different fields start working on it analyse them and decide which all therapies would best suite them and accordingly the idea is suggested. Otherwise, potential seeker can themselves ask for certain therapies or locations to be added in their itinerary and that is done per request.
As soon as the seeker reaches India, our representative gets in touch with the seeker and briefs the seeker in detail about their vacation and guides them about their trip.
We also arrange group retreats, wherein there are some specific dedicated retreats planned in that case group is received from airport and are taken to the venue in the Himalayas, where the retreat has been planned and there the group goes through Yoga, Meditation, Therapy, Mudras, Homeopathy, and Sattvic diet sessions; all at one place.

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Our Promise

Planning for a holiday for wellness or spiritual visit to India? We understand that planning a tour and vacation can be difficult and stressful at times. We thus want to offer our support as much as possible. At 360⁰ Wellness Solutions, we aim for giving a 100% Satisfaction. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Service related Questions or Help?

Email us at info@360wellsols.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We usually get back in less than a day.

Order/Booking Status

We are currently working towards developing our shop and take bookings through online systems. We will be presenting with travel ideas and wellness related consultations. This will help to come up with different treatments and packages that could be good for you; as a result helping gain on your objectives. We will present with a simple booking, payment and tracking system and email notifications. The orders and bookings that we would take and deliver to you. Once we are ready, we will give you more information about tracking status.


We take feedback by heart and try to improve our quality of our service. We want to understand about what you have in mind. What do you feel about us? Consequently, this is where we find the inches to develop. And because this is so important to us, we strongly us you to please email all feedback to feedback@360wellsols.com.