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Today begins the journey to a new You

About 360 Wellsols Solution

360˚ Wellness Solutions is the best Yoga and Meditation Wellness Centre helps people in maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. We guide wellness in all its three dimensions: Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual that results in overall feeling of well being.

Our practitioners have the unique ability to work together to bring you a complete and comprehensive health care. We partner with our patients, staff, and each other to provide open-minded health care options that respect the wisdom of the individual, of nature, and the healing power of relationship. Our team provides you a variety of recreation and intramural programs, effective wellness education, and affordable health care.

360° Wellness Solutions is a holistic healthcare company promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. We at 360° Wellness Solutions provide holistic vacation experiences that includes activities as per the individual. We carve out a tour that will make you feel rejuvenated, balanced, and smiling. For adventure loving tourists, we design a tour that brings together the adventure and wellness at a same time.

One of the major differences between wellness tourism and medical tourism is: Wellness tourists are proactive in seeking to improve or maintain health and quality of life, often focusing on prevention, while medical tourists generally travel reactively to receive treatment for a diagnosed disease or condition.

Our History

360° Wellness Solutions since its inception in the year 2011 has been actively involved in activities that has helped individuals of society through different therapies to live a life that is oriented towards wellness and full of positivity. On different dimensions our practice had been to make a more self-aware, tolerant, positive, loving, peaceful and stable society.

Our Motto

“We” change “I”llness into “We”llness

Our Mission

360˚ Wellness Solutions is dedicated to developing and promoting opportunities for individuals of the society to incorporate the different dimensions of wellness into their daily lifestyle through tourism and alternative therapies that provides rejuvenation.

Our Vision

To emerge as frontrunner in providing opportunities for society to incorporate wellness into their lifestyle through different alternative therapies and tourism.

We love our happy clients!

My understanding and appreciation of Yoga has broadened greatly. I would highly recommend this unit of study for all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to ones life and beyond.

Hannah Spencer
Yoga Student

As a teacher Hayden inspired me in the art of teaching and the desire to convey knowledge more than any other teacher in my life so thank you for that Hayden and I know you will continue to do the same in your unique way to others.

Jennifer Lawrence
Yoga Student

I’ve always been impressed with your deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how this flows through your classes, and is passed on to the students on both  an individual level and  class level. I have always been encouraged by your calm assurance & find your teaching methods motivating.

Jerry Hansen
Yoga Student
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