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8 Ways to Meditation Bliss That Will Make You Reach Nirvana

wellsols September 5, 2017 0 comments 0


Meditation – The state of deep rest. It is a life altering experience where you allow your mind to dissolve with the divine. Meditation retreat service provides you with such beautiful experience, where you heal not only your body but your mind too. It helps you prevent several diseases and helps find your center and think in a more channelized manner, it helps not only your physical self but your psychological as well as social life as well.

1. Kundalini meditation: Like a mother takes care of child the mothering energy of our SAHASARA CHAKRA (crown chakra) in this meditation takes your conscious so deep that you awaken your chakras and dispel you from all diseases.

2. Zen meditation: in this practice you learn about being in this moment and calm your that you can focus on your breathing and calm self

3. Transcendental meditation: This meditation technique is helpful in experiencing a calm level of own awareness and helps getting rid of anxiety and stress while enhancing brain helps us fight various diseases without any medicines like hypertension, psychological stress and prevents various cardio vascular diseases (as talked by Ellen)

4. Breath meditation: it aims at concentrating on one’s own breathing action and differentiating between active breathing and passive breathing it has been proven beneficial in various lung diseases and helps one in getting in touch with the inner stillness and finding peace in it.

5. Visualization: visualization is the power of brain which is most neglected and is wasted at we are able to channelize this source of energy then we can make wonders into reality from mickey to iPhones all the things were some ones visualization

6. White light meditation: white light is a blessing that manifests you with good thoughts and wishes it is an act of visualizing a white light falling on your third eye and passing through your body it makes you enhance your motivation and empower your determination and endurance focus your goals and adhere to your vision increase self-confidence have deep thought process

7. Sound meditation: this is the meditation of loose meditation which checks mind from wandering in anxiety and worries and brings it back to the state of calm it helps one have a deeper level of awareness and thus makes you less judgmental and improve your relationships

8. Mantra meditation: you are given a specific mantra and when you chant it repeatedly, you feel a vibration is your body that makes you more sensitive to your surroundings thus improving your sleep pattern and having better mornings.

We welcome you to join our meditation sessions and benefit yourself and your loved ones.

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