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Ayurveda-A holistic science

wellsols April 25, 2017 0 comments 3

Ayurveda is world’s oldest healing science that was devised by lord Dhanvantari and has been used for thousands of years by rishis and doctors.  It has proved to be very useful system of prevention and healing and attaining wellness.  In this system importance of physical and mental balance, emotional release, spiritual growth and environmental mindfulness has been recognised.  Ayurvedic system has been promulgated by lord Dhanvantari.  As per BhagwataPurana, Dhanvantari emerged from Ocean of Milk along with pot of elixir for immortality during SagarManthan.

Ayurveda can be used by all people in all climates.  Ayurveda uses natural forces like herbs, diet, heat, cold, minerals, exercise, oils, and meditation to help attain wellness from illness.  It is believed in Ayurveda that health results from harmony within one’s self; that is to say your health depends on your thoughts, feelings, trust on others, and satisfaction.  This harmony further manifests externally as harmony with family, friends, co-workers, juniors, society, and nature.  In case a human is not in harmony within one’s self it would manifest the same with others before showing the signs and symptoms of disease.  Ayurveda being an optimistic science considers the manifestation of symptoms and disease as positive development since it is considered as a call to change for a positive attitude and gives a person a chance to either change from inside or go in for an overhaul, however, for this to happen a person has to dedicatedly work on mind to generate positive thoughts internally that would be manifested as healthy body and healthy relationships.

For example an individual “A” who remains quiet, keeps on smiling and might not do things with absolute perfection might be just due to he is in peace within himself, however, he might be considered as mysterious and imperfect personality in today’s modern world.  In contrast to this there might be a personality “B” who might be energetic, does everything with perfection would be appreciated for work by outer world, however, from inside this type of personality might not be in peace with self.

Ayurvedic therapy system considers human to be made up of five elements and considers to be miniature of universe, that is to say that the vastness of universe lies within humans.  Five elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether.  Now these five elements combine in pairs to form three doshas or life forces.  The dynamism of this makes life happen.  Ether and Air makes up Vata.  Fire and water makes up Pitta.  Water and earth makes up Kapha.  These three forces keep on changing dynamically to make life happen.  These forces are influenced by the thoughts, environment, diet, lifestyle, and time of the day.  When all these factors are in sync with nature and in line with betterment of living being produces beautiful impacts.  The Ayurvedic therapies have been designed to balance out these forces, however, before applying any of the therapy a complete consultation is required since every body type is unique and a Doctor or Vedacharya can only decide the appropriate therapy.

To conclude, we can say that Ayurveda being one of the finest medical sciences teaches us that everything is within us, and by taking a positive outlook and ignoring the negative happenings, we should be able to get the best results out of us.

“Make peace with ourselves, energise our bodies, positively stimulate our mind, and calm our soul.”-Gaurav Malik

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