How the Sun is the Life-Giving Force of our Solar System?

wellsols September 8, 2017 0 comments 1

Look up in the sky and you will be marveled to see the life-giving force known as Sun. The Sun is the star that is central to our Solar system. It is the brightest object in our sky comprising mainly of Hydrogen and Helium. Sun is life giving force and majorly responsible for providing light, heat and energy to…


wellsols April 26, 2017 0 comments 3

“Vigour, an attitude of forgiveness towards others, courage, purity, goodwill, towards others, and freedom from pride. All of these, dear Arjuna, are considered by Me to be the great characteristics of a man who possesses a divine nature and has come into this world from heaven.” – Gita Ch.16 Shloka 03

Too Much of Materialistic Perfection or Spiritual Happiness

wellsols December 11, 2016 3 comments 4

“How people treat you is their Karma; how you react is yours.”-Wayne Dyer Spiritual happiness can be attained by accepting the thought that this whole universe has been created by the divine and is perfect in a great sense. Accepting the divine creation as perfection within the imperfect appearing picture leads to trust and in turn that leads to spiritual happiness.

Color of Clothes and our personality

wellsols December 4, 2016 1 comments 2

Color of Clothes and our personality by Dr. RM Mehra Whatever color we pick up to wear, in some way or other is indicative of our personality. Clothes color and personality type are two terms that tell a lot about each other. Clothes and color styling says a lot about your individuality. It is interesting to know about the philosophy of colors. You…

Homes & Power of Sunlight

wellsols November 30, 2016 0 comments 1

Homes, & Power of Sun- by Dr. RM Mehra Whenever we talk about VASTU, we refer to cardinal directions. But in actual sense VASTU is an energy based science. It is basically harmonization of energies in and around the building. VASTU has scientific fundamentals which are universal in nature and can be proved. VASTU emphasizes on staying in harmony with…

Living with Nature

wellsols September 25, 2016 0 comments 0

“According to a study from the University of Melbourne, images of greenery work better to boost our attention.” When images of greenery can boost our attention, think of a vacation in the lap of nature. We arrange tailored visits to such places where one can enjoy, learn, and rejuvenate. You can also go through different short courses that would help…

Save River Ganga

wellsols September 19, 2016 0 comments 0

River Ganga is the longest river in India and one amongst the longest river of the world. It originates as a pure source of water from Himalayas and after travelling a huge course of land merges into Bay of Bengal. It is the river that has made civilization of Northern and Eastern India flourish. In Hinduism River Ganga is regarded…

Don’t Judge and React, Be a spectator-Bhagwad Gita

wellsols April 28, 2016 1 comments 4

This article is about the qualities of judging and reacting – why be a spectator of the worldly things, said in Bhagwad Gita.. As long as we judge and react and that too without empathy, we cannot see the truth in the world.

Scientific VastuTM

wellsols April 28, 2016 1 comments 3

Scientific VastuTM LETS LEARN FROM OUR GLORIOUS PAST VASTU is a science of harmonious manifestation of energy into matter or vice versa. Art of living in harmony with the nature is Vastu science. It’s a science because it is based on researches/calculations, database & case studies considering the latitude, longitude and altitude of the place, climatology, land, location, subtle energies…


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