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“Vigour, an attitude of forgiveness towards others, courage, purity, goodwill, towards others, and freedom from pride. All of these, dear Arjuna, are considered by Me to be the great characteristics of a man who possesses a divine nature and has come into this world from heaven.” – Gita Ch.16 Shloka 03
“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”-Lord’s Prayer

In our daily lives, forgiveness is the biggest medicine that helps in achieving contentment and promotes wellness. Do we want to waste our prized life in causing discomfort to others, expecting a lot from others, hurting and getting hurt by others, and keeping our hearts heavily filled with grudges against others? Do we really have time to find fault in others? In a way by forgiving others, we let go negative thoughts thereby making our mind, heart, and body light and connect with joy.

The capability of forgiving others and expecting less from others shows the level of control we have on our mind and lives. Many consider forgiveness as a sign of weakness, however, in reality it is easier to retaliate whereas forgiving require lots of thoughtful practice. Individual can be hurt by a mistake of others or it might be due to misunderstanding, so if an individual forgives and moves on, the cause of anger can be rectified later on with love.

Not forgiving people and reacting to each action of others negatively can make our lives miserable; obviously, it would lead to different levels of anger every time, and it would create too many negative thoughts in our mind that in turn will only harm our bodily systems in long run starting from fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. For example, if an individual has a habit of finding the negative most things in others and not understanding their action, then he or she will develop a habit of getting offended and reacting negatively to every second thing.

Not forgiving truly is a recipe for poor health and bitterness, since we carry bag of grudges and have the tendency to build on the most negative part of those replaying memories we tend to get angry easily the next time anyone repeats the same kind of action and this cycle keeps going on and we start thinking in a negative manner towards society. In case we know the person then we should also remind ourselves of the good deeds performed by that person towards us.

To promote wellness in our routine lives, whenever we think a mistake has been committed by others, we should hold our response and try to understand the reason or point of view of that person, in case the mistake was deliberate even then we should not take the offense and we should make ourselves safe and forgive others.

We should realise that forgiving others is for our own betterment and self-interest. Once we start seeing the benefits of forgiving by achieving mental and physical balance, we would realise that by
forgiving others easily we tend to save energy, time, and health. Getting less offended and forgiving more can add a fresh level of joyful energies in our relationships.
“To have a joyous life, get released from this suffocation of resentment, and start smiling and forgiving others. – Dr. Gaurav Malik

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