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Human Thougths & Word Effects Thyroid

wellsols June 19, 2017 0 comments 7

“Human that cannot be still will be ill”

Human Thougths

In today’s fast moving world, human thoughts are so much engrossed in technology and fast moving lifestyle. We forget the kind of life, we have been given by divine or nature.  We always needs something much more important than this technology and fast moving lifestyle. Our physical health depends completely on our psychological health. Stillness improves our mental health and thereby our physical health. For example, Tortoise are slow moving animals, and lives a long life, looks like they have stillness and also they complete within themselves.


Now talking about this Thyroid hormone, we can say that this hormone is responsible for many things that maintain balance in the body. For example, it is responsible for maintaining the metabolism, sleep cycle, brain activities and/or the bone maintenance. To keep it healthy few major things are required to be done by humans.

Firstly, relieve yourself from getting engrossed with technology and slow down and focus on what you have been doing till now. Start having more control on yourself and let your soul take control of your body and not the vice versa. Start focussing on your breath and breathe deeply and slowly, so that Thyroid gland is released from the pressure of generating the required hormones extremely quickly. Always keep an extra margin in time while going for some work or commitment so that you don’t get stressed and breathing does not disturbed.

Secondly, let your body and eyes interact with early morning sunlight, since apart from providing Vitamin D to your body, it will help to set your circadian rhythm that in turn control the release of cortisol in your body. Current researches show that high cortisol levels decrease our body’s ability to convert T4 to T3, and also due to delayed sleep cycle melatonin influences the release of Thyroid stimulating hormone. Thereby, we start having impact on Thyroid, weight, and our thought process.

Now talking about our major concern that how thoughts impact our Thyroid gland. Think of a thing or a scene deeply and you will certainly start having an appropriate hormone release. For example if we watch an action movie or a comedy movie, hormone released will be different; if we think of a thick forest with snakes, a different hormone will be released; if we visualise mountains with river and cool breeze blowing then certainly a special health improving hormone can be released. Now, we need to understand that the Thyroid gland is the gland that will get signals to produce appropriate hormone which could be a hormone that improves our health or a hormone that depletes our health. I think by now we are on the same page that everything depends on the type of thoughts we think of.

Therefore, when we wish something and keep our Thyroid gland under pressure and keep of thinking that continuously will start having a negative impact on the gland. Therefore, wishing something materialistic for our better future is good, however, pressure on our gland to be perfect and our goal to achieve should be taken care of in a balanced manner, and in place of keeping our gland under pressure we should keep happy and consider it as a game and accept the consequences happily. That attitude is also termed as being “happy going lucky” or we also call it as “Divine’s plan” for us. Furthermore, we should stop “negative self-talking” to stop impacting our Thyroid gland to produce stress hormones. In addition to this, ANGER is our biggest enemy and it would be acting like a biggest size of boulder on all our glands.

It’s an irony in today’s world that first in search of perfection we deliberately disturb our hormonal balance, and then that hormonal dysfunction starts disturbing us. Even then if we open our eyes, we can stop short of this above mentioned collateral damage. By saying being aware, I mean that we should start understanding human life and nature. Few things that could help us are: Breathing exercises, Mudra practice, Yoga and meditation, observing nature, and following the Sun and regulating our sleep cycle accordingly, no negative talking or thinking, and controlling anger.

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