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Kingdoms Full of Wellness

wellsols December 17, 2016 0 comments 4

When the Earth was nascent, there were kingdoms of health and prosperity.  The people of that kingdom were connected to each other and to the nature.  Every element had its importance and was taken care while constructing buildings.Every county/villages, subsections, buildings had separate places for art and culture, playing, studying, relaxing, social interactions, sleeping, toilets, exercising, and storage etc.The arts flourished, creativity used to be at its peak with less distractions, time was spent dedicatedly to an activity. Each adult in the kingdom used to practice a profession that used to give them satisfaction and joy, and also supported their kingdom.

Following the Sun was the motive of such kingdoms. Each building was designed in a manner such that they helped humans in maintaining a healthy life by following the God’s design of circadian rhythm. Work, enjoyment, and rest were balanced. People used to work in night only for security and emergencies and that too on a rotatory basis and were recommended to rest few days before merging back into regular life.

The forests, natural resources were taken care of and were revered like gods. Buildings were made without destroying forests and natural resources. Material for constructing such buildings was taken locally and excess was again returned to the nature. Each building were designed in such a way that they used air and Sun’s rays to heat, cool, and sanitise each room naturally as per the weather. Comfort level of humans was maintained naturally as per the requirement of that particular room. Human waste was collected by each family and was taken back to specialised zone where it was decomposed and used as manure in forests and farms. Each family knew their responsibility towards maintain ecosystem.

Ecosystem of forests and water were undisturbed by activities of humans in the kingdom. No wastage from human activities was poured into the water that helped water to so clean that the water did not require any purification and used for drinking directly. Herbs and other materials taken from forests were taken in such a manner that there was plenty of every species were left to flourish.
Everyone cared for children of the kingdom. Children were taught about earth and the place and responsibilities humans had in it. Learning was done in a manner that it had enjoyment equivalent to playing. There studies had a more holistic approach that involved knowing themselves and God’s gifted nature, meditating, performing exercises, studying, gardening, playing physical games, and pursuing their hobbies by getting involved in arts and culture activities. Children were motivated with positive display of art and sculpture in whole kingdom, in their houses, and their schools. They were also taught to understand and appreciate others. They were motivated to be connected with nature.

Healers of the kingdom use to treat and preach the people. Their motive was to maintain the wellness of society so that it does not proceed towards sickness. They used meditation, yoga, diet, counselling, physical activities, aromas, and herbs as tolls of wellness. Teachers and healers had a main role in maintaining wellness of the kingdom.
King used to take advice from scholars, teachers, and healers for making policies that would
increase the happiness in kingdom. Every second of time was full of joy and enjoyed by almost

May God restore such a kingdom that was full of “Wellness”.

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