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Ragas and Chakras

wellsols January 8, 2017 1 comments 8

Meditation is training of mind or inducing mode of consciousness that helps to know yourself in a better.  It calms down the mind quickly thereby turning it into a stable and relaxed mind that in turn helps in controlling high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and many other health disorders.  All five senses are governed by mind and in turn they relay a message to mind.  These five senses can be instrumental in achieving a level of meditation.

Here, we will discuss how hearing one of the five senses can be helpful in this.  As ancient and modern researches music can help mind in relaxing by signalling to release hormones that induce relaxation and healing.  Few of the music have nodes that can induce adrenaline rush, whereas few helps in reaching stable and meditative level.

To activate chakras “ragas” have been used while meditating, it activates the chakra and allows “Kundalini energy” to rise and nourish or recharge that chakra and then move upwards. This helps in removing doshas and obstructions that chakra and related body part or organ might be having.

Sahajayoga ( a meditation technique by HH Mataji Shri Nirmala devi explains these ragas in detail which is as following:

  1. Shyam Kalyan raga is associated with Mooladhara chakra. It helps in establishing chastity, wisdom, and child like innocence. This raga helps in establishing “Earth element” in the practitioner’s body, that means a stability due to gravity of earth is developed.
  2. Raga Gurjari Todi has a capacity to cool down the Liver. This raga and the raga Yaman help activate the our attention governing Swadishthan chakra. Both ragas help to decrease wavering attention, which is crucial for effective meditation.  Quality of the Fire Element is developed by this and makes our personality creative, balanced, closely attentive and spiritual.
  3. The raga Abhogi helps activate the Nabhi chakra and stimulate the digestion process. When the Kundalini enters this Chakra and cleanse it, this brings inner transformation by change of attitudes. This raga is also known to bring about de-addiction in human beings it helps one give up immoral or shouting behaviour and impulsive or compulsive habits.  This raga helps develop the quality of the water element.
  4. The ragas Durga and Bhairav have a power of Divine bliss and protection. Both help in activating the Anahat chakra.  On touching the heart chakra by kundalini, raga Bhairav activates spirituality in the person.  Self-confidence and quality of the air element is developed.  These ragas also enhance the Divinity and Immunity in children.
  5. The raga Jayjaywanti helps activate the Vishuddhi chakra, the controller of the sensory organs. Quality of the ether element and the expression of voice is developed by this raga, and it further helps make one’s personality loving and sweet.
  6. The raga Bhup is instrumental in purifying and opening the Agnya chakra. Tensions, anger and mental fatigue are relieved by it.  Passing of Kundalini through the Agnya chakra and entering the chakra called Sahasrara in the limbic area of the brain is enabled by creation of mood by this raga. This causes the person to reach a state of thoughtless awareness and has a tremendous impact on our ability to forgive.
  7. Ragas Darbari and Bhairavi are helpful in prolonging the state of meditation and thoughtless awareness. The notes of these ragas help relax and calm the emotionally-related limbic area. The Kundalini energy then proceeds further to soothe and nourishes the Sahasrara chakra and the brain. This the state where individual feels, joyous, energetic, peaceful and relieved of stress, tension and depression. The person also enjoys the sensation of a cool breeze on the finger tips and achieves the state of Self-Realization or enlightenment.

Continuous practice of meditation with music can help in achieving the benefits of true meditation easily by making a person transform into a stable and loving personality, with an increased understanding and responsibility towards other living beings.  So, to start with sit in a comfortable place and position with an access to audio device.  Focus on your breathes for 5 minutes and then

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