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How Mountains and Forest Therapy Can Help With Stress?

wellsols September 9, 2017 0 comments 0

Do we remember our last vacation to mountains with dense trees?

I believe most of us would answer “yes” with a confidence.

There could be many reasons behind that “Yes”. Some of us would have enjoyed watching crest of the mighty mountains shining in the first light of dawn, or experiencing cool breeze blowing through the trees, or might have remembered consuming local food with lip smacking enjoyment, or have a memory of sipping hot tea during rains in the mighty mountains, others could have learnt more about their culture or history, however, majority of us would have been awed by the natural beauty of the region.

There would be pleasant memories that we will never forget.


Therefore, all the experiences mentioned above proves that we like visiting mountains filled with nature’s blessings and those memories remains fresh as if we visited there yesterday only.


Many of us would agree with me that humans tend to remember something that was really pleasing or something that was really bad.


In this case when we try to re-live or visualize the moment we had spent in nature’s lap, we get a feeling of relaxation. Therefore, now we will try and understand what happens when we visit the serene environment of hills.


There are many scientifically proven health benefits when we visit naturally preserved mountains and immerse ourselves in nature. The foremost substance that we breathe in with fresh air are the phyntocides, this aroma of forest is a chemical that trees and plants give off to protect themselves from insects.


Phyntocides being antibacterial and antifungal properties that helps trees in fighting disease. When we breathe them they increase the number and activity of white blood cell called as natural killer cells, thereby increasing our immunity levels.


Aroma that we sense while walking in the woods with restricting use of modern technology (mobiles and computers) helps in lowering the stress hormones Cortisol and Adrenaline, this enables our bodies to feel relaxed and decrease the level of anxiety, anger, and depression. Aroma having “Phyntocide reduces stress hormones, indirectly increasing the immune system’s ability to kill tumor cells”, says Tokyo based researcher Qing Li, MD, PhD.


Decreasing the pulse rate to the normal level is another scientifically proven benefit of meditating or bathing yourself in forests/mountains and it also helps in controlling it as per requirement.


The silence in the environment helps us realize and know ourselves better. It has also been seen that going for a stroll in natural settings helps in decreasing the pain.


Therefore, we can do a part of this therapy at our home or in our societies by inviting natural forests/settings to our concrete forests.


Though it can never replace the natural settings, however, this would help us in making our living space and work-space a healthier habitable space.


We can obviously lower down the etiological factors of many of our problems by starting living with nature.


This therapy has started reaching the world now and very soon it would prove to be one of the most sought after therapies.


We at 360° Wellness Solutions have designed different programs on forest/mountains therapy based on our experience till now. Come and join us in re-discovering yourselves.


Experience the phyntocidal aromas of trees and negative ions in the air while indulging with nature or practicing Yoga in such setting or attending a meditation session in the Himalayas.

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