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Using Ecotherapy – How to Release Your Psychological and Mental Problems?

wellsols September 13, 2017 0 comments 1

It refers to various treatment programs which improves mental and physical state of a person through various outdoor activities conducted in nature.


Through this therapy one can connect himself with nature and feels lots of positive health benefits.


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Ecotherapy can be performed, both in urban and rural areas i.e. parks, gardens, farms and woodlands.


It basically focuses on:

  • Working in nature, such as conservation project, gardening or farming.
  • Experiencing nature, such as cycling in forest, walking through farms.


These activities are usually performed in groups, which can include people from all ages (whether experiencing mental illness or not) under the guidance of trained professionals.


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There are Nine way to Release Your Psychological and Mental Problems (Types of Ecotherapy)

  1. Adventure therapy – Includes rock climbing, rafting and caving. It is done in groups to build trust and confidence.
  2. Animal assisted interventions– Spending time with animals in farms (feeding them, petting them)
  3. Animal assisted therapy – Using guided contact with animals such as horses and dogs. It focuses on bonding between you and animals
  4. Care farming – Looking after farms, animals, growing crops
  5. Environmental conservation or green gyms – Dealing in conserving and protecting natural habitats
  6. Green exercise therapy – Physical activities in green spaces like cycling, walking and running.
  7. Nature art and crafts – Artistic activities using natural things like wood, clay and grass.
  8. Social and Therapeutic Horticulture – Gardening and growing food in allotments, nurseries and community gardens. It can also lead to work experience.
  9. Wilderness Therapy – Doing physical and group-building activities such as making shelters and hiking.


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