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Usefulness of Colour Therapy

wellsols July 25, 2017 0 comments 0

Colour therapy is as old as any other medicine in oldest civilizations and has been used in India, Egypt, Greece, and China. It is believed to have been investigated as medicine since 2000 BC. In that age society might have been unaware of colour’s effect as a medicine, but surely had faith in healing with colours. Primary colours red, blue and yellow were used for healing. The science seems to have been silent at those times.

It is believed that body’s seven chakras are related to the seven colours of the rainbow. Therefore, it is believed that if harmony of colours is disturbed in the body it leads to disorders in the body, and after getting diagnosed by a colour therapist that particular disorder can be treated by appropriate spectrum of colours. Here light moves in waves of varying lengths and, as each colour has a different wavelength and a particular spectrum is focussed on. This is done in a specially designed rooms by throwing that of colours on walls, by shoning up light on skin, treating water in glass bottles with colours, or may be through small torches.

Evidence of colour therapy has been seen on mood and general well being. Robert Gerard in 1958 conducted a study that showed the power of stimulation by red and makes anxious and affected appetite, blood pressure, and aggression; while blue promoted calmness.

Ghadiali research stated “The colour bands of spectrograms are produced when a chemical element undergoes a process of combustion or vaporization that accelerates the motion of its atoms. The specific band of colours and dark lines emitted when a certain element is heated, are known as Fraunhauafer.” He also found that “by treating the body with a particular colour vibration, one could effectively reintroduce the appropriate biochemical elements into the body; he referred to this as colour chemistry, certainly a new field of study. His results as published in the first decade of the twentieth century were advocated by Klotsche (1) in Colour Medicine: colour medicine not only can heal the diseased frequency of the body but also can introduce actual chemical elements/vibration into the body in a non-toxic form.”

Journal published by Samina T. Yousuf Azeemi and S. Mohsin Raza states “Chromotherapy as a system of treatment can benefit people because of its harmony with nature. Everything that exists in this world is a combination of different colours”

Consultant psychologist Ingrid Collins states “We know that the cells of the human body are constructed from atoms and that each atom consists of particles of energy in constant motion. We are therefore at the most fundamental level made of energy and information, so when we add a particular colour we are adding energy into our lives.”

It is being used in Texas, there inmates are dressed in pink to reduce aggression. It is being widely used for treating insomnia, stress, immune deficiency problems, and also for critical illness. People who have been through this therapy states that after the therapy there is a feeling freshness and many have been helped in case of insomnia.

Explore colours deeply and get rejuvenated!

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