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Warming Up Our Consciousness

wellsols May 22, 2017 1 comments 2


Human consciousness can be compared with flowing water, as the temperature goes does down it contracts water into ice that is a solid state, and as when temperature rises it becomes liquid state.

When water in a river is in liquid state it usually flows, can adjust itself in any space, remain independent but still united with other droplets,splash together, and even flow in one direction making its way within the harsh terrain like mountains.  However, the same water on decreasing temperature turns it into ice which in turn gets segregated into different blocks that usually stays in a same place and hits against other blocks of ice.  Water gushes into other water bodies and merges itself smoothly into other water bodies, whereas, ice hits other ice blocks and leads to collateral damage.

This can be compared with expanding consciousness and contractive consciousness.  As the conscious energy gets low and our consciousness contracts and become similar to ice, we as humans tend to divide ourselves; start being selfish;ignore divine and nature; build higher egos; misunderstand others; pretend to be superior to others;blame others; hurt others; and tend to get hurt easily.

However, as this ice melts and there is high flow of energy that expands our consciousness, we start realising the world as the divine has designed it;appreciate every activity and plans of divine and nature; feel the flow of divine love within our warm hearts towards others; expand our vision; start adjusting in different situations;smile, forgive and forget very easily; wherever we go people feel more comfortable and are attracted towards us just like iron gets attracted to a magnet;we avoid hurting others and never get hurt.  This enables a person to live a “happy go lucky” lifestyle.

Consciousness creates reality and affects our outer world, expanding our consciousness will be certainly helpful for our families, societies, and countries.  When we merge and cooperate with each other at the level of countries, communities, or families;our vision would expand and we will flow smoothly that would enable us to progress exponentially by getting more opportunities and cracking them with synergised energies.  This is the time that we all should take a lead within ourselves in thinking and acting actively in increasing the lowered energy levels to expand our consciousness.  Different approaches like meditation; yoga; exercise; social interaction; and understanding and appreciating different sects of communities should be opted together in a Sahaja (easy) manner.This would ensue warmth in relationships of countries, communities, and families.

— Gaurav Malik

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