Ayurveda Retreat

Top Ayurveda Retreat Ashram in India

These are the retreats where in specific plan is designed as per the individual consultations to make the wellness seeker (patient) health and to change illness into wellness.  These retreats generally include consultations, sessions on Ayurvedic principles of living, Ayurvedic treatment, and therapies.  It might or might not include Yoga and meditation.  These retreats are in themselves are a joyous experience and it also helps in changing the attitude towards life and understanding the life a deeper sense.  Generally retreats are arranged in laps of Himalayas and very close to nature.



Ayurveda application in the form of massages is known as Abhyanga; with oil application and movements involving rubbing, friction and sudation done in long strokes. The treatment is a full body massage in multiple positions of the body, usually more than seven.

Abhyanga helps to ease muscle fatigue and improve muscle tone. Can be very beneficial add on with other forms of treatments and sessions to improve flexibility and enhance joint lubrication.


Shirodhara is a use of medicated liquids allowed to flow on the forehead, while the therapist gives a head massage. This form of treatment can use oil, milk or other forms of herbal juices and liquids. Shirodhara treatment helps to reduce mind fatigue, relieves of stress when taken in multiple sessions and also helps to improve memory, induce sleep. Advanced form of Shirodhara are known as Shiropichu.

Shirodhara can also be combined with Abhyanga for a relaxing full body massage.


Suffering from joint aches and pains? Are there swelling with redness and inflammation on the body? Ayurveda presents with form of bundle treatments where medicated and therapeutically active leaves are made use of in bundles. Such bundles are compressed on to your body, either on a focused area or the whole body, to help ease on stiffness and spasms and stimulate the nerves and improve blood circulation.

Can be combined with Abhyanga or other forms of treatments according to need.


Wondering why your body is accumulating on water and fat tissues even after doing the strenuous exercises? Is your physician not able to help you gain benefits on your overall body structure? Or is it that you are not feeling at your fittest because of long term weakness and fatigue? Choorna-swedana comes to your relief with medicated powders again with in warm oil, dabbed and rubbed on to your body on focused areas or on the whole body to give the sedating effect and to balance your doshas, primarily the Kaphadosha.


Primarily focused on burning of fat cells, Udwartana offers a friction based powder treatment with proper mixture of medicated oil; Udwartana helps to burn and mobilizes sub cutaneous fat and making use of the same in producing energy that makes one feel more active and gives better results from the treatment. Also helps reduce oedema and management of fluid retention.


Wish to have a good head massage? Want to reduce on the stress in the head and neck regions? Try Urdhwanga treatment which primarily offers head massage with focus on the different parts of the scalp and followed by massage on the neck and shoulders in strokes to relieve the nodules and stiffness.

  1. NASYA

A unique Ayurvedic way of instilling medicated oil, Nasya helps to give a cleansing effect through the sinuses and throat and give benefit to related conditions like sinusitis, nasal congestion and also to stimulate the nerves for deeper benefits. Also helps in prevention of hair fall and premature graying of hair.


Manual lymphatic drainage helps to improve the lymph circulation and is one of the primary massage therapies in the process of achieving a detox in a milder manner. Also helps improve venous and lymphatic flow, deeply relaxing and induces a sense of balance and harmony.

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