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Homeopathy Retreat Center – Wellness Approach

Homeopathy, which originated as a healing art and science in the late 18th century from Germany works on the law of similar, which basically means that the remedy which would be selected for one’s specific concern(s) would also have the ability to produce the same set of concerns when given to a healthy individual.The wellness approach through Homeopathy would be holistic and constitutional, focusing on the person/individual and selecting the most appropriate remedy (-ies) based on the symptom picture, that would be analysed.

How a Homeopathic consultation works?

The consultant/Homeopath does an in-depth consultation starting with getting information related to one’s current ailments and problems, their modifying (aggravating and ameliorating) conditions and would then take the client you through a set of questions to analyse and assess the physical generals and mind general symptoms, which would form the basis of the final analysis.
The information thus collected would help the homeopath in what is called the constitutional or miasmatic scrutiny and forms the crux of the homeopathic consultation process.
Miasms form the base of the constitutional make up of a person which establishes the inherent vulnerability of a person to their internal and external influences.
It can be transferred through generations which are known as heredity characters and the susceptibility is further moulded by ones’ environment and other external influences.

Miasm is the sum total of the physical and mind expressions/make up of a person. This will help to understand the group of Homeopathic remedies that we may need to begin the treatment and follow up with complementary set of remedies, if required.

The dosage would be highly regulated so as to avoid any kind of unwanted aggravations of the symptoms expressed by the client.  So it is imperative that these small sweet pills be taken as per recommendation which would be given to the client.

In one’s wellness journey, Homeopathic remedies can be used to achieve an internal detox of the vital organs like the liver, kidneys and skin.  One can experience relaxation and destress through the range of Bach Flower remedies used by the Homeopath.  Weight management Homeopathic remedies can be given internally to clients along with the external massage therapies.

We at 360° Wellness Solutions, believe in integrating the different healing systems so as to give our clients an experience which is unique and also seeped in the culture of our land.

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