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Living in harmony with nature is known as Vastu. Energy manifesting harmoniously into matter or vice versa is known as Vastu. This can be further said to be balancing of human energies with natural energies in a harmonious manner that benefits both. It has set of laws designed to get maximum benefits from a human made buildings and climatic condition of the location.

As per Indian history, our ancient architects knew the art and science of creating self-sufficient and a nature friendly building,, in other words these are known as energy efficient sustainable buildings. In today’s world we hear of Green Building, but in India culture people have always been living in Green Buildings. However, in today’s world in an attempt to reduce cost, fancy looks, changed priorities, and time availability that people have started facing problems of sick buildings. Vastu Shastra Consultants will  provide you major home furnishing recommendations that will be  make your home have pure and positive aura.

As per scientific Vastu shastra, there are four directions north, south, east, west and four corners north east, south east, south west and north west. There are two vertical directions as well. All these directions and corners have their own specific characteristics and should be in alignment with the local environment in order to keep its occupant healthy and happy. The other objective of Vastu Science is to construct buildings with spiritual connect, which further helps the occupants to be content with themselves and  from within. With our best online Vastu consultation you can also get perks of optimum architecture.

To add to this, we can say Vastu Science is a study of life within a defined space or the study of relationship between the occupants and building in context to land, location and environment. Per Vastu, all the five factors should always be balanced and in harmony. Sun being the center of the solar system affects our life immensely.

  • Occupant- This entity has been designed by divine or cosmic force to live in natural environment. To add to this the factors that can impact are occupant’s psychology, age, eating pattern, behavioral patterns, and genetic disease pattern. The mind and body relationship has to be carefully understood.
  • Building- As per Vastu science, structure, architecture and interiors from directional perspective should be studied in context with environment’s condition.
  • Land- Vastu emphasizes a lot on land selection. The land should have high bearing capacity and should also be fertile too.
    Location-The impact of location is given prime importance in Vastu.
  • Environment- Both internal and external environment of a building is strongly taken into consideration while implying Vastu.

By following simple principles in our houses we can make them homes. You can move forward in attaining wellness.


360 wellness solutions conduct specialized sessions that are oriented towards making people aware about their living environment and can help people in making their buildings beneficial and a source of rejuvenation for themselves.


Sometimes you and your siblings or spouses fight for no reason. This could be a side effect of improper architecture of your home and just by one consultation with our best in India,


“Vastu Shastra Consultants you can have a more peaceful and happy life”.

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