Wellness Tourism

We Provide wellness healthy home services for tourism in Rishikesh, India

Wellness Tourism Retreat Center

Wellness tourism is travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activitiesWe providing physical & mental well being through travel.

Wellness Healthy Home Center

Wellness starts from a healthy home. Among our possessions a healthy home is above everything else, and it is designed, built, and maintained to support our health. Basic role of a home is to provide secure shelter. Advanced role is to increase comfort level in that shelter, and when that shelter starts healing and promote wellness of its occupants that can be called as a healthy home. At least half of every day is spent inside their homes by most of the people, therefore, home can have impacts on its occupant’s health.


A beautifully designed healthy home helps its occupants to think positively, live healthy, think innovatively, and give new ideas to earn in a healthy way. We all commonly know that there are different substance that emits different chemicals and gadgets giving rays that are deterrent to health. Likewise, there are few Vedic flaws that can impact health. Now there are designing principles that can help in protecting from these common unhealthy substance and Vedic flaws by synchronising with nature in such a way that it automatically promotes healthy lifestyle.

This subject has different approaches to it, we have been working on it for the last few years and we have churned and amalgamated these principles and the resultant principles work in a way that helps people in living a healthy life in synchronisation with nature. Principles taken out from recent researches and Vedic (Indian) culture together help in designing a modern advanced home that is most beneficial for humans physically and psychologically.


We also arrange short courses for the wellness’ visitors interested in learning the subject.

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